After downloading and unpacking the file, open the folder „FermatWallet“ and select „IoP-qt“ to start your IoP-Wallet.

This is what your Wallet looks like.

To see your public key, hit recieve payment.

Here you will find your public key. You will need it to generate your private key. So copy it by marking it and pressing ctrl+c.

Now hit „Help“, and then „Debug console“.

Ok, this one is very important! Got to „Console“ and type in „dumpprivkey [your public key]“. Hit Enter.

Once you did this, yu get as result your private key. BACKUP THIS!! If your computer crashes or you change to another OS (e.i. Ubuntu), your public and private key will stay the same. You will alsways have access to your wallet.

Secure your private key safely. If you loose it, you will loose your wallet. So, write it down and hide it, or ask your dog to memorize it! :D